Frequently Asked Questions

What is Direct Primary Care and who uses this service?

Direct Primary Care (DPC) is a model of healthcare that removes the “middlemen” and offers a direct path from the patient to the provider. Qualified Quacks elevates the DPC model one step further by being 100% house call based. 

Busy professionals, families, single moms, retirees, individuals tired of high premium high deductible insurance plans, or anyone looking for highly personalized and convenient medical care use Direct Primary Care memberships. 

What are the benefits of having medical providers come to your home?

The #1 benefit patients site is convenience! It’s on-demand medicine-whenever you need it, wherever you are. The second most commonly mentioned benefit is lower medical costs. Patients using Direct Care services report greater satisfaction with their medical staff, ample time during appointments, and a closer relationship with their providers. 


What kind of testing do you provide for COVID-19?

Qualified Quacks uses a local, specialty molecular lab for COVID 19 PCR testing and meets all requirements for international travel. Samples can be collected by any of the following methods: nasopharyngeal, oropharyngeal, or anterior nares (under age 2). We are highly experienced in testing all ages, from infancy to the elderly. Qualified Quacks also offers whole blood COVID 19 antibody testing. 


What if I want to use my insurance?

To avoid the restraints and inflated charges imposed by insurance companies, Qualified Quacks, LLC utilizes a Direct Care model and does NOT accept insurance. However, upon patient request, we provide a referral for super bill and billing assistance. Additionally, you may use your FSA/HSA account. 


What does the House Call fee include?

The House Call fee is the amount charged when we make a house call. Our consultation fees include the medical provider’s time, travel, equipment/supplies used in the standard patient assessment, and routine follow ups.
*DPC members’ consultation fee is included in the annual membership. There is an additional supply charge for advanced testing and procedures. (Example: A patient requires stitches and her tetanus shot is not current.  The cost of the sutures (stitches) and a tetanus booster are an additional fee.) 


Do you cover my area?

What's with the duck (Quacks)?

Nurses are known for their quirky (and sometimes off color) sense of humor. It was important to Adrienne to find a business name which embodied her personality. She proudly describes herself as having a nerdy quirkiness and isn’t afraid to laugh at herself. Adrienne found Qualified Quacks to be delightfully oxymoronic and paradoxical. She was also reminded of one of her favorite artists, Don Stewart, and his “self portrait”. Dr. Stewart was kind enough to allow his artwork to become the logo of Qualified Quacks, LLC. Please visit to read about Dr. Stewart’s path to becoming an artist and view more of his fabulous art. 


Do you offer any corporate or Film production services?

Qualified Quacks offers the following services for businesses and corporations: biometric testing, corporate physicals, vaccinations, drug testing, and COVID 19 testing.

Qualified Quacks also offers the following services for TV/Film productions: X-rays, laceration repairs (stitches), and IV hydration all on location. Additionally, we offer primary and urgent healthcare services for local and non-local talent. 

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