House Call Fees

For your convenience we accept all major US debit/credit and HSA/FSA cards only. We do not accept insurance, however, we provide a referral for superbill/billing assistance.  



“Adrienne is such a caring and capable nurse. Yes, she happens to be a close friend, but, her extensive medical knowledge and skill, along with her kindness and sensitivity, is why I have hired her on several occasions. She helped my daughter with pain management after an extensive surgery, she stitched up a manual laborer at my house whose thumb had an unfortunate accident with a power tool, and most recently she has assisted my mother during a recent illness. I highly recommend the services of Qualified Quacks! Thanks Adrienne for always being there to help us out!”

Wendy Minsk Solon


House Calls Are Back

24/7 service. Same Day Appointments are Available.


Serving Atlanta Metro Area